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What's the Difference Between Wood Railway Sleepers and Concrete Railway Sleepers for Small Rail Trains?

Wood Railway Sleepers and concrete sleepers are the two main types of sleepers for small railway, so what's the difference between these two types of sleepers? Now let's listen to the introduction of the small railway manufacturers

1. Wood Railway Sleepers for small rail sightseeing trains:

The wood used to make new hardwood sleepers must be tough and elastic. It is usually made of beech, oak, pine and other wood. Wood Railway Sleepers are called oil sleepers after anti-corrosion treatment, which can extend their service life. The size of wooden sleeper varies with the type of wood, yield and load. The majority of Chinese Railway Wood Railway Sleepers are made of pine wood. The length of Wood Railway Sleepers on the main line is 2.5m, the cross section is rectangular, the bottom width of the cross section is 22cm, and the height is 16cm.

2. Concrete sleepers for small rail sightseeing trains:

Concrete sleepers, also known as cement sleepers. After the Second World War, a large number of concrete sleepers began to be used, which has the advantages of good stability, long service life and low maintenance cost; the disadvantages are heavy weight, poor elasticity and insulation performance, and cushion insulation cushion must be set at the bottom of the track. The main types of concrete sleepers are integral prestressed steel string concrete sleepers, integral prestressed high-strength reinforced concrete sleepers and steel bar concrete sleepers. Since 1958, the first two types have been widely used in China.

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