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Construction Characteristics and Safety Protection of Crossties

Construction Characteristics and Safety Protection of Crossties

The vehicle with fixed frame should be used in the transportation of sleepers highway. Its transport vehicle should be directly compatible with sleepers size. The number of loading layers should be no more than 6 layers. After loading, it should be firmly tied to prevent displacement during transportation. The crosstie railway transportation shall be loaded according to the loading scheme approved by the railway department. When the sleepers is loading, two triangular wedges are plugged between each pile of crossties to prevent collision and damage during sleepers transportation.

Sleepers shall comply with the following provisions:

1. The concrete pillow should be carried by four people, and the bridge pillow and fork pillow should be carried by more people.

2. When lifting crossties, the crossties should be firm, the lifting should be smooth and the pace should be consistent when placed.

3. Single carrying wooden pillows should be shouldered by fixed personnel. When arriving at the designated place to place, people should first put the wooden pillow on one end to make it stand up, and then put it down. Shoulder shrugging and throwing are not allowed to avoid collision with others.

4. When unloading sleepers, it is strictly forbidden to touch, collide, fall and twist, so as to avoid endangering equipment and personal safety.

5. The buckle fittings should not be thrown in the process of loading, unloading and handling, so as to avoid hurting people.

Sleepers are one of the components of Railways when they are in use. When in use, the bottom of the track is directly connected to stabilize the position of the track. It prevents the danger caused by the displacement of the track when the train is passing, and distributes the pressure generated by the train on the ballast evenly, so as to make the train run more steadily.

Characteristics of Subway Crosstie Engineering

1. The construction of track engineering requires the laying of seamless track at one time, and the speed standard of checking and crossing is 80 km/h at one time. It requires the track to have high smoothness and stability, and the construction technology is very demanding.

2. The original construction technology of monolithic ballast was improved, and monolithic ballast was poured with concrete at one time. There is no process of pouring piers.

3. The line is mainly on the viaduct, the highest place is more than 20 meters, and it is located in two roads, shopping malls, residential areas, highway traffic intersections and other traffic congestion areas. The materials and equipment required for laying the line need to be suspended to the bridge for operation. It is difficult for materials to enter and access the bridge, the working surface is limited, the work of upside-down transportation on the bridge is heavy, and the safety protection under the bridge is difficult.

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