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Concrete Sleeper/Tie

Concrete Sleeper/Tie

As a kind of railway accessories, concrete sleepers play a significant role. It is necessary not only to support the rail, but also to transfer the huge pressure from the rail to the ballast bed when keeping the rail in the place. The concrete sleepers must have a certain flexibility and elasticity so that it can be return to its original shape as much as possible afterwards. Railway cement sleepers require steam demoulding once formed. It also has the features of lubricated appearance and contains multiple rebar.
  • In British English: concrete sleeper, concrete wooden sleeper
  • In American English: concrete tie, cement sleepers, cement railway sleepers

concrete sleeper dimensions & types

The concrete sleeper has been widely used in railway tracks to replace the wooden sleeper. According to the manufacturing technique, the concrete railway sleepers can be divided into plain concrete sleepers and prestressed concrete sleepers. Weihai Ruihe Concrete Railway Sleepers Manufacturing Plant mainly produces the following types of concrete sleeper:

Prestressed Concrete Sleeper

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