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Railway Sleepers

As one of the leading railway sleepers manufacturers, Ruihe always supplies high-quality train sleepers to our customers. We mainly supply the following train track sleepers, including concrete railway sleepers, wooden railway sleepers, and steel sleepers. If you are looking for new railway sleepers, we are sure to provide quality railway sleepers!
Concrete sleepers are the main components supporting the rail and redistributing dynamic forces to the ballast bed. Ruihe supplies the following high-quality concrete sleepers: prestressed bridge sleeper, prestressed mainline sleepers, prestressed turnout sleepers, twin block concrete sleeper and concrete tie sleeper.
  • Wooden Sleeper
    Wooden Sleeper
    Our wooden sleepers are made of hard wood. Hardwood sleepers are the oldest train track sleepers and widely used around the world.You may click the page to know more information about our timber railway sleepers.
  • Steel Sleeper
    Steel Sleeper
    Steel sleepers are lighter than cement sleepers, which costs less for transportation. Besides, steel sleepers have a very long life. Once the steel railway sleepers are installed, they won't rot easily. If you need new railway sleepers, please contact us.
Werihai Ruihe Railway Sleeper Company is one of the most professional railway sleepers manufacturer. We supply high-quality products to customers!
Weihai Ruihe Railway Sleepers Co.,Ltd has always committed to supply high-quality train track sleepers to our clients all over the world. We aim at the quality and technological innovation, so as to offer the best solution for our clients. 
We have professional sales and technical teams, who are able to give professional suggestions and support to customers. If you are interested in our railway sleepers, our sales are willing to offer you the product and price information. We always try our best to offer a better solution to our customers. Once you buy railway sleepers from us, we’d like to help you with the installation and maintenance work. 
We offer a variety of train sleepers for global railway applications. Moreover, we never stop innovation. We aim to provide high-quality train sleepers with longer in-service life and less maintenance costs.
At present, our railway sleepers are mostly sold to America, Argentina and African countries. We will continue to develop and deliver train sleepers products to support your business. We hope our high-quality but cheap sleepers can be sold to more countries!
Products What Clients Say about Our Railway Sleepers
Werihai Ruihe Railway Sleeper Company is one of the most professional railway sleepers manufacturer that we've ever worked with!
Eric Boyle
Weihai Ruihe has always maintained a leading role among concrete railway sleepers suppliers in China railway sleepers industry.
Gulnar Nurdanhazy
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We supply a variety of railway sleepers. We focus on the quality and price of our train sleepers.
Train Sleepers Project
  • Argentina Belgrano Freight Railway Renovation Project
    Argentina Belgrano Freight Railway Renovation Project
    In July of 2015, Argentina representatives for Belgrano freight railway project came to visit Weihai Ruihe Railway Sleeper Co.,Ltd, and appointed Ruihe as the sole manufacturer of this project.With in...
  • Los Angeles Subway Renovation Project
    Los Angeles Subway Renovation Project
    In May of 2018, Ruihe plant started a business with SCJV from USA on the project of LA subway project. Ruihe is the only manufacturer to get the certificate of AC 157F-485 issued International Accredi...