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The Classification and Function of Wood Railway Sleepers

The Classification and Function of Wood Railway Sleepers

Material property classification: Wood Railway Sleeper; reinforced concrete sleeper; steel sleeper; composite railway sleeper material sleepers.
Application classification: railway sleepers; special track sleepers; erection sleepers.

Classification of railway sleepers:
Common sleepers for main line of Railway
Turnout sleepers are used in the turnout area of the railway intersection;
Bridge sleepers are used for laying bridge deck lines of railway steel structure bridge equipment;

Type classification of railway anti-corrosion Wood Railway Sleepers (according to Chinese standards):
Ordinary sleepers, turnout sleepers, bridge sleepers;

Specification of common sleepers for sleeper track sleepers:
At present, China's standard railway gauge is 1435mm.

The standard sleeper specifications are as follows:
1. Ordinary sleepers: width 220mm; thickness 160mm; length 2500mm.
2. Turnout sleeper (common): width 220mm; thickness 160mm. The length is 2600 ~ 4850mm, with a carry of 150 mm, a total of 16 length specifications.
3. Turnout sleeper (standard): width 240mm; thickness 160mm. The length is 2600-4800mm, with a carry of 200mm. There are 12 length specifications in total.
4. Bridge sleepers: width 220mm; thickness 240, 260, 280, 300mm; length 3000mm.

Types of Wood Railway Sleepers: sleepers are a kind of railway accessories, which play an important role in railway construction. There are three types of sleepers: Wood Railway Sleepers, steel sleepers and concrete sleepers. Let's learn more about the relevant knowledge of sleepers for railway accessories.

Wood Railway Sleeper is one of the sleepers for railway fittings, which has the advantages of good elasticity, easy processing and convenient to use. Since the railway, Wood Railway Sleeper is the main type of sleeper. However, due to the reason of taking materials, the elasticity, strength and durability of Wood Railway Sleepers are not uniform enough, which will increase the wheel rail dynamic effect, and use a large number of high-quality wood. The service life of wooden pillow is short, and there are many reasons for its failure, such as decay, mechanical wear and cracking. Compared with other railway fittings, Wood Railway Sleepers are easy to rot, so they need to be treated with anti-corrosion before going on the track. Wood Railway Sleepers without anti-corrosion treatment are called plain sleepers.

The advantages are anti-corrosion, anti termite and moth; the disadvantages are chemical corrosion, non insulation, high maintenance cost. Stainless steel sleepers are only used in some railways in Germany and Switzerland, and in some railways in the tropics, but not in China.

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