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Drainage Mode and Safety Regulation of Sleeper

Drainage Mode and Safety Regulation of Sleeper

In the process of making crosstie, its wide sleeper is mainly made of reinforced concrete. Its shape is very similar to that of concrete crosstie, but it is wider and thinner than that of concrete crosstie, also known as crosstie board. The wide concrete pillow has a neat and beautiful appearance, generally 2.5m in length and 55-60cm in width. It is closely laid on compacted and clean gravel bed.

Each reinforced concrete sleepers is equipped with a pair of fasteners. During operation, the load transmitted from the rail is mainly of small eccentricity and good stability to the wide crosstie. Because of the large supporting area, compared with the concrete pillow, the track subsidence decreases significantly, which can slow down the accumulation of permanent deformation of the ballast bed. Smooth line reduces maintenance workload.

Concrete sleepers are different from other track structures in terms of elasticity, section size, drainage mode and so on. Therefore, transitional section must be set when connecting with other track to make it change evenly.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete sleeper refers to the concrete crosstie made by mixing a certain amount of steel fiber into concrete. Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is a new kind of composite material which can increase strength and toughness. Steel fiber reinforced concrete crossties can improve the impact toughness and crack resistance, tensile, shear, bending and fatigue strength of crossties, so as to prolong the service life of crossties. It is suitable for small radius curve and joint position. It can solve the problems of nail hole longitudinal crack and shoulder damage.

Safety Regulations for Train Sleepers

1. The vehicle with fixed frame should be used in the road transportation of crossties. The transport vehicle should be suitable for the size of crossties. The number of layers of crossties should be no more than 6. After loading, the crossties should be firmly tied up and the displacement during transportation should be strictly prevented. The crosstie railway transportation shall be loaded according to the loading scheme approved by the railway department.

2. When the crosstie is loading, two triangular wedges are plugged between each pile of railway sleepers to prevent collision and damage during railway sleeper transportation.

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