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Introduction to Steel Railway Sleepers

Introduction to Steel Railway Sleepers

In the early stage of the 11th Five Year Plan in China, China proposed to build a resource-saving society and vigorously develop the circular economy. Under the background, QEST Square Bridge Foundation rate took the lead in promoting and applying in the market and obtained the national patent of Steel Railway Sleepers. The case proves that steel sleepers have the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, excellent molding quality, etc., which can greatly reduce the number and intensity of construction personnel, shorten the construction period, reduce the transportation cost, and lower the comprehensive cost of the project. They are ideal building materials for energy conservation and can be widely used in general industrial and civil buildings. It is also an ideal material for high-rise buildings and large space structures.

Steel Railway Sleeper is a kind of temporary supporting structure to ensure the concrete structure to meet the requirements of pouring and forming. It bears horizontal load (concrete side pressure) and vertical load (self weight of building formwork, material structure and construction load) during the construction of concrete structure. The premise of using steel sleepers is to ensure the quality of concrete engineering and construction safety. In order to ensure that steel sleepers have sufficient rigidity, bearing capacity and stability. The production of steel sleepers must strictly select qualified raw materials and accessories to ensure their own reliability and meet the current reinforced concrete quality standards. It is forbidden to use wood panels and waste wood materials for splicing processing in the production process.

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