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Significance of Developing Steel Railway Sleepers

Significance of Developing Steel Railway Sleepers

Steel Railway Sleepers not only reduce the use of wood, but also protect the forest, increase the absorption of carbon dioxide, and reduce the energy consumption in the process of wood processing and transportation. Compared with products made of raw materials, products made of recycled materials are the inevitable choice to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. China's economy is growing rapidly, and great achievements have been made in various constructions. But it has also paid a huge price for the destruction of resources and environment. The contradiction between the two has become increasingly acute, and the public has a strong response to the problem of environmental pollution. This situation is directly related to the unreasonable economic structure and extensive growth mode. If we do not speed up the adjustment of economic structure and change the mode of growth, we will not be able to sustain resources, environment capacity will be smaller, society and economic development will fail to sustain. Only by adhering to economic development, clean development and circular development can we achieve sound and rapid economic development. At the same time, the global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions has been widely concerned by the international community. Further strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction is also an urgent need to cope with global climate change.

Steel Sleeper is an important tool in the construction of concrete structures. In the cast-in-place concrete structure engineering, the formwork supporting engineering generally accounts for 20% - 30% of the concrete structure engineering cost, 30% - 40% of the engineering labor volume, and about 50% of the construction period. Formwork erection technology directly affects the quality, cost and benefit of engineering construction, so it is an important content to promote the progress of construction technology in China.

The emergence of Steel Railway Sleepers will break the traditional situation of the construction formwork industry in China and create a new green construction formwork industry.

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