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Manufacturing Explanation of Cement Sleepers and Measures for Their Smooth Surface

Manufacturing Explanation of Cement Sleepers and Measures for Their Smooth Surface

One of the common railway sleepers is cement railway sleepers, which are made of C50 concrete. In order to ensure the quality, the raw materials used in train track sleepers should meet the requirements and the quality should be qualified. Moreover, the proportion of concrete should be determined by test, in which the amount of cement should not exceed 450kg/m³and its viscosity should meet the requirements.

Concrete mixing should be uniform and carried out in accordance with the requirements; short railway sleepers and bottom formwork should be manufactured with steel molds, and the wedge-shaped surface at the bottom of short sleepers is rough surface, so it needs to be roughened. If steam curing is used, then it should be carried out according to the requirements, humidity measures should be taken in summer and heat preservation measures should be taken in winter.

The concrete short sleepers can only be demoulded, moved and transported after meeting the specified strength requirements. When short sleepers are transported, collision should be avoided to prevent damage. The surface of the sleeper should be smooth, and no defects such as air holes and hemp surface should be allowed, thus affecting the aesthetics, and cracks can not be found. In addition to anchoring steel bars, the steel bars in other parts should not be exposed.

In order to ensure that the concrete sleepers surface is smooth, the sleeper should be wetted first. But be careful that there is no water on the surface. ZV glue and cement are mixed and stirred in proportion of 1:0.8 to form cement slurry, which is then pressed into pitting and pore. Pay attention to compaction, and then maintain it. When it reaches a certain strength, use fine sand paper to polish its surface to make it smooth and smooth.

If it is relatively small, it can be done according to the method of treating stomata and hemp surface. If it is relatively large, the weak part should be chiseled out first and then wetted sufficiently. After mixing cement, medium sand and ZV glue in proportion, fill them in the weak part and compact it. Wait until the concrete solidifies slightly before modifying the outer surface.

If it is lack of edge and corner, if the area is relatively small, wet it first, and then use cement mortar to patch up. If the area is relatively large, then use cement, medium sand, stone and ZV glue, mix well according to the proportion, then repair and maintain it, and then modify the external surface.
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