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How Concrete Sleepers Are Made?

How Concrete Sleepers Are Made?

The steel bars for concrete sleepers are mainly steel truss and stirrup. The section shape of the truss is triangle. A set of steel processing production line is equipped, including steel cold rolling, numerical control bending hoop and automatic truss welding.

The concrete sleepers shall be specially designed and manufactured with steel moulds and processed by professional units. The mould shall have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability. The formwork shall be able to ensure the shape, size of each part of the sleeper and the accurate position of the embedded parts; the formwork shall be subject to daily inspection and regular inspection, which shall be carried out before daily operation, including appearance and flatness. Check regularly at least once a month, including length, width, thickness, size of rail bearing groove and height deviation between molds, etc. The steel mould shall not be put into use if it fails to pass the inspection. The allowable tolerance of steel model manufacturing shall be less than one second of the allowable tolerance of finished sleepers.

Loading of sand, stone and cement

(1) concrete sleepers shall be loaded according to the storage conditions of sand and stone, and there shall be a period of time interval when sand and stone are loaded alternately to ensure that sand and stone are not mixed.

(2) prevent wood block, brick, waste steel and other sundries from mixing into the silo. If any quality problem of sand and stone is found, the loading shall be stopped immediately and the technical personnel shall be informed to deal with it.

(3) when loading the cement bin, pay attention to observe the material level of the cement bin at any time to avoid the expansion of the bin and bag blasting. After the cement loading, the dust removal bag shall be vibrated. Check whether the dedusting bag is in good condition at any time.

(4) No less than half of the materials stored in the sand, stone and cement warehouse shall be handed over.

Concrete fabrication
In order to produce high-quality cement railway sleepers, the raw materials of concrete shall be inspected according to the above requirements before sleeper production. The raw materials meeting the requirements shall be used to test out the best mix proportion. In the formal production, the raw materials of concrete are required to be inspected in batches, and the moisture content of aggregate is tested before each concrete mixing, so as to obtain an ideal water cement ratio, which can ensure the overall slump and sleeper quality.

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