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Why Railway Sleepers Are Not Directly Laid on the Ground

Why Railway Sleepers Are Not Directly Laid on the Ground

Railway Sleepers should be laid on the subgrade, which is used for shock absorption. If the railway is directly laid on the ground, it will vibrate when the train passes by. If you sit on this kind of train, it will be very uncomfortable.

Railway Sleepers are load-bearing objects, which are used for laying of railway and special track running equipment and bedding of load-bearing equipment.

The train is very long, with a lot of things and people, so it's very heavy. But is the track of the train very thin? If the track is directly laid on the ground, then the heavy train will be pressed on the thin track, and the track will be pressed into the ground. So put a wide sleeper under the rail, like a lot of hands holding the rail, the rail will not sink, especially the Steel Railway Sleepers.

What's the use of so many stones under the Railway sleepers? Is it also used to hold up the track? Of course, these stones have the same function as sleepers, but they are not directly supporting the rail, but laying under the sleepers. That is to say, first lay a thick layer of road foundation stone on the ground, and then lay sleepers on the stones, and then put rail on the sleepers. The road sill can also pave the uneven road surface into a horizontal subgrade, so that the train can drive very smoothly. The road sills are some very hard small stones, they get a good grip together, with great friction, which can prevent the displacement of sleepers. When it rains, the rain can also be quickly drained to prevent the water from soaking the sleepers and rails. In addition, the gap between the small stones can also play a role in reducing the vibration; when the subgrade is depressed, it can also easily supplement these stones.

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