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Steam Maintenance and Detection Method of Sleeper

Steam Maintenance and Detection Method of Sleeper

To a certain extent, the concrete sleepers should effectively relax the strength of the stress steel bar or the concrete in rush wire, i.e. the demoulding strength. After steam curing, the concrete sleepers should be maintained to 28 days. The steam curing period of the whole product should not exceed 11 hours. The selected concrete mix ratio should be in accordance with the arrangement of the production cycle. We have steel railway sleepers for sale. If you are interested, please go ahead reading or contact us directly.

The selection of the time of pre-curing, heating, constant temperature and cooling in the steam curing of steel railway sleepers should not affect the development of the later strength of concrete and the durability of concrete. The adaptability of various mineral components in cement to high temperature curing is different, and the mineral content of different kinds and grades of cement is different.

Railway Sleepers Testing Height of Bearing Rail

In the process of operation, the main method of railway sleepers detection is to measure the central section of the two rail-bearing parts, which will effectively close the sliding end of the thickness ruler to the top of the sleeper. Move the gauge so that the fixed end is close to the bottom of the sleeper. Read gauge readings and remove bottom residue before inspection.

The train track sleeper will effectively insert the conical probe of its tester into the embedded sleeve. The arch spring fastener is a kind of concrete sleeper fastener which is used in our country only next to the clip fastening. The main difference between this kind of fastener and buckle plate fastener is that arch spring is used instead of buckle plate pressurized rail.

To a certain extent, the horizontal force of train track sleeper is transmitted to sleeper shoulder through gauge baffle. Eleven kinds of gauge baffles with different sizes are adopted according to the different rail types and gauges. Widened gauge baffles with a width of 150 mm should be used on curves with radius less than 800 meters, and common gauge baffles with a width of 86 mm should be used in other areas.

Arch shrapnel for arch spring fastener is made of spring steel with a cross-sectional dimension of 6 X70 (mm). There are two kinds of shrapnel: intermediate shrapnel and joint shrapnel. The intermediate shrapnel is used in steel railway sleepers at non-rail joints. There is only one type, and the 50 and 43 kg/m rail is universal. Joint shrapnel is used for railway sleepers at rail joint. There are 11 kinds of size numbers, which can be used with different gauge baffles.

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