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The Tips of Installing Concrete Sleepers?

The Tips of Installing Concrete Sleepers?

After continuous development and progress of science and technology, the Internet has occupied our lives, and the concrete sleepers, which play an important role in transportation, are also developing in a sullen way. Why do we say that they are only focused on developing? Because they don't often appear in our eyes, many people don't know what the cement sleepers are, which is the same reason that you don't decorate your house or visit the building materials market. From wooden sleeper nails to pure cement sleepers at the beginning to concrete cement sleepers now, it has also been adapted to various specifications of rails and transportation environment after continuous development and improvement. Next, we will have a detailed understanding of several commonly used installation and fixation methods of concrete sleepers.

First of all, we are quite familiar with this estimation. We use bolt pressing plate to fix the cement railway sleepers, which is called bolt cement sleeper for short. During production, four bolt holes are reserved on the cement sleepers. During installation, only T-bolts need to be put through from the bottom. The pressing plate is used in combination with the big one and the small one. The rubber gasket is placed in the middle of the two holes. The steel rail is placed on the rubber gasket. The pressing plate is fixed with nuts. The bolts are put on the pressing plate, flat gasket and elastic gasket. The position of the steel rail is adjusted and the nuts are tightened. In this way, the steel nails can be fixed.

Next, what is a little strange is the U-ring type. The installation only need to use a hammer to bend, and installation and use is very simple. It is suitable for the laying of tracks for coal mines. Of course, the temporary track can also be laid, and the fastener can be straightened with pickaxe and used for laying other coal mine lines. It is easy to realize that the reuse of concrete sleepers is the main load on the coal mine or locomotive equipment. Therefore, a series of manufacturing process requirements of cement sleepers are quite strict. U-ring is a new type of sleeper. Compared with T-bolt sleepers, U-ring sleepers have the characteristics of convenient installation, and the 600 gauge cement sleepers are widely used in the coal mines.

The following may be totally strange, that is, the cement sleeper of spring rail fixer. Just insert the elastic strip into the embedded rail fixer and press the rail with the elastic strip. However, the price of elastic strip accessories and rail fixer accessories is relatively high, and the cost performance is a little higher than that of the sleeper with bolt pressing plate. Concrete sleepers is the support of coal mine track transportation. It can not only bear the pressure from the track and transmit it to the track bed, but also protect the position and gauge of the track. When the locomotive passes by, it can be properly deformed to buffer the pressure. But after the locomotive passes, it must be restored to the original state as much as possible, which requires that the cement sleeper must have reliable resilience and stability, and the quality of the sleeper. In other words, it puts forward higher requirements.

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