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Physical Causes of Cracks in Concrete Sleepers and Common Types of it

Physical Causes of Cracks in Concrete Sleepers and Common Types of it

1. Concrete sleepers. What are the main types of railway sleepers? In addition, what is the cement concrete pillow board? Generally speaking, the main types of concrete sleepers are Type I, Type II, New Type II and Type III. For cement railway sleepers, it can be used with concrete sleepers. Simply speaking, it is for concrete blocks, mainly to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation.

2. What are the physical factors of concrete sleepers with cracks?
If cracks occur in concrete sleepers, the specific physical reasons are as follows:
(1) If the train track sleepers are cooled or heated in the process of manufacture, laying and use, as well as excessively dry or wet, and its initial structural strength is very low, then it will cause its internal defects, and then lead to the concrete on the end surface, such as looseness, cracking and so on. Furthermore, cracks appeared in concrete sleepers.

(2) If there are fine cracks or invisible cracks on concrete sleepers, these problems will also be caused by impact or vibration, fatigue load or changes in the external environment during the use of concrete sleepers.

3. Are concrete sleepers used in high-speed railways?
In high-speed railway, generally speaking, there is no concrete sleeper, because it is not used. It uses a slab or two-block ballastless track instead of a sleepers. So the answer to this question is No. The width of track slab is 2550 mm.

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